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Cala Varques

Cala Varques

It is not possible to imagine visiting the East coast of Mallorca and missing its one of the most famous and beautiful bay with wild beach – Cala Varques, also known as Caló Blanc.

Being uninhabited, with no cars, hotels and crowds of tourists, it stays a very popular destination for people seeking for more privacy, quietness and pure nature. The easiest way to reach this amazing place is, of course, by the water. Renting a boat from Porto Cristo, and after just about half an hour, you are there! It is also possible to reach if you hire  a boat from Cala Bona, where RoDa Boats also offers its boats, only will take a little longer, about 1h-1h15m.

White sandy beach is surrounded with picturesque cliffs, forming a natural bridge and several caves. This place of destination is especially famous with cliff-climbers, divers, snorkelers, but also for making commercial videos for different types of products.

Lying nearby Cala Pilota, Cala Virgili and Cala Magraner will charm you with its’ natural beauty.

Don’t miss an opportunity to visit those fantastic places and RoDa Boats will gladly help you with that!